Be A Good Home Teacher

Every boy learns how to be a good home teacher. A home teacher is there to help the families.

Stefan Pegel, who holds the Aaronic Priesthood, belongs with his mother to a small branch of the church. When Stefan was little, his father died in a car accident. Stefan works alongside school to support his mother and younger sisters. He is unable to participate in many college activities because he works so that his family can buy clothes and food. Neither Stefan nor his mother feel that they really belong in the branch, although both are active in the church.

How could the priesthood college help Stefan?

Let the boys comment and make it clear to them that it is the college’s job to help Stefan and that the home teachers are also responsible for helping the family.

Suppose you are one of the home teachers of the family. What can you do to help Sister Pegel and her children? How can you make them feel that they are needed in their branch and really belong to it?

Work out that home visits to the family are important, but not enough. There is more to home teaching than a monthly visit. Rather, home teachers must commit themselves to helping the family spiritually and materially.

The tasks of the home teacher

Written passage/Table/Conversing
– What are the tasks of the home teacher?

Write the boys’ answers on the blackboard, and then have them read Doctrine and Covenants 20:46-57. Suggest that the boys mark the verses they find important.

– What in these verses applies to your task as home teachers?

– Who called you home teachers? (The Lord, through his deputies, the local priesthood leaders.)

Role play

Use role-playing games like the following to make the boy aware of what home teaching means. Assign them as home teachers in pairs and give them a description of the situation. You and the bishop can play the family visited by the home teachers. You can also have several boys play the family members.

Situation 1

Read the following:

Two home teachers have been assigned to the Gäbler family. The Gäblers are active in the community and attend all meetings. Richard Gäbler is a priest and often blesses the Lord’s Supper. One home teacher is also a priest and knows Richard from the school. He knows that Richard drinks alcohol and takes drugs together with his school friends and that he is therefore moving further and further away from the church. The two new home teaching partners have their first joint planning session and think about what they can do for their families. The older home teacher explains to his partner that the Gäblers are active in the church and that he is not aware of any problems.

Let two boys continue the planning session.

2nd Situation

Read the following:

Two home teachers – a priest and a high priest – have been visiting Brother and Sister Thielen for several months. Brother Thielen is already old and in a wheelchair, and his wife is not doing very well either. Both can no longer work outside in the garden. The home teachers have noticed that there is a lot to do in the garden, and they would like to help; but every time they offer their help, Brother Thielen replies that they do not need any help. Before the new visit to the Thielens, the home teachers talked again about this topic and said to themselves that they had to help somehow. Now they are with the Thielens.

Let two boys play how the home teachers can help the Thielens without hurting their pride.

3rd situation

Read the following:

Two home teachers are assigned to several families in the community. Some families are active in the church, others are not. The senior partner is a high priest who does not take home teaching very seriously. If he goes home at all, he only talks about the weather and anything he can think of. The junior partner knows that the families need them, but thinks that he should not make the visits alone or simply take over his partner’s tasks. Every month he therefore calls his partner and asks him when they want to make their visits. Now he’s about to call him again and is determined to get his partner to do the visits and do a good job so that they can really help the families assigned to them.

Let two boys play the conversation between the home teachers.

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