Things to Look Out for When Hiring a Bus Chartering Company

Long trips in charter busses can be boring and sometimes miserable. Even if the bus rental singapore is extremely comfortable and you have a great driver who knows how to deliver a smooth ride, most people will want something to do as they travel down the road for an event. This becomes even truer if you are travelling with a bus load of children!

So, how do you entertain the masses when travelling in a charter bus? There are lots of things you can do, but some will be more appropriate to one age group or another and some may be more appropriate to a working environment than others. Use the ideas here as a jumping off point to your own ideas. You will think of things that are very specific to the group you will be travelling with.

Mixing it Up

If you want everyone on your trip to bond and get to know another, then you can switch things up on them by asking them to move to new seats after they have sat down. Why would you do this? To force people to sit with other people that they may not already know very well … that’s why! They will have plenty of time to get to know one another while driving down the road.

This works well for business trips if you want members of your team to get out of their clichés and start to know others from the company. This could be a way for new employees to get familiar with older members of the business, or it could be a way for employees from different divisions of a large company to get to know one another.

Networking Trips

You can even turn a charter bus ride into a valuable networking experience for like minded business people. If you have trips with people from the same industry travelling together, they will have time to get to know one another and make potentially valuable business connections amongst one another.

In this case, the networking could become more important than the final destination, but that should be industry appropriate as well.

Trivia Games

If you are on a long trip with adults, then it may be a great idea to bring a list of trivia questions and see who knows the most on the bus. Adults tend to love trivia, especially if you can come up with some questions relevant to your industry. Or just, go with pop culture and historical questions to give everyone a break from the usual office topics of conversation.

Know Your Neighbour

If you are taking children on a trip for school or church, make out a questionnaire to hand each of them as they board the charter bus. Have them ask their seat partners the questions during the trip and fill out the paper. You could even have them give presentations or journal about what they learned about the other child once you return to school.

This is a great idea for college sporting groups or bands as well. It allows team bonding as the kids get to know each other on a more personal level. This is very important for teams just coming together at the beginning of a training season.


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